What is inclusive ANPAD?

Inclusive ANPAD is a broad program for the inclusion of social groups historically marginalized in Brazilian society in graduate programs. It comes in recognition that only a small, more privileged part of society has access to higher education and scientific careers.

Several population groups in Brazil suffer from the lack of opportunities, almost always associated with cultural, social, and economic exclusions derived from historical segregation processes.

For example, in 2018, students of academic graduate programs (called stricto sensu in Brazil) declared their race and color as follows: 71% White, 27.5% Black and Pardo, 0.6% Asian, and 0.2% Indigenous. On the other hand, the profile of the Brazilian population is 54% Black and Pardo, 45% White, 0.47% Asian, and 0.38% Indigenous. Therefore, it is crucial to develop equality policies in graduate programs in administration in Brazil.

We have a lot to do to make graduate school, academic conferences, journal publications, and science venues inclusive. This is a long journey, and ANPAD can decisively contribute to this agenda.

The Inclusive ANPAD program is transversal and encompasses projects, strategies, and actions that reach all areas of the organization. Below we list the projects of inclusion already started and under discussion.


Projects and actions

Adoption of exemptions and discounts on event pricing policies and the ANPAD Test (implemented)
Find out more here.
Training Program for the ANPAD Test (implemented)
Find out more here.
Awards for scientific research on specific topics (implemented)
Find out more here.
Creation of a discussion forum on the topic (implemented)
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Adoption of inclusive disclosure and criteria in all ANPAD selection processes that include opportunities for disadvantaged groups
(in implementation)
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Dissemination of inclusion policies in the selection processes of graduate programs in Brazil (planned for discussion)
Field Intelligence on the topic “Inequalities in Graduate Studies” (planned for discussion)
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